In a perfect world, we would have the time and resources to do this show without needing any financial support. However, the sad truth is that we live under an exploitative system that seeks to commodify everything in our lives in order to create profit.


We aren’t looking to make any sort of profit from Frontline Praxis. We obviously will be incurring some costs associated with producing and hosting the show online, and it is these costs that we are asking for help in covering. That includes things like web hosting, potential equipment replacement (never know when a microphone will break), and other essentials to producing a podcast. But beyond those costs, any additional donations or monthly Patreon subscriptions will go to support the activists and organizations featured on Frontline Praxis.

If you’d like to support us or any of the organizations that are featured on Frontline Praxis, please consider donating to our Patreon. There you will be able to receive emails about any updates we add to the website as well as new episodes. We have listed in our Patreon description what our financial cost of the show are and what our future goals include that require finances.


If you would like to volunteer some time to assist us with the behind the scenes of podcast creation, we would greatly appreciate the help. Here are a few tasks we would love assistance with

  • Transcribing episodes, or cleaning up transcriptions from software transcriptions
  • Finding music to use on the podcast
  • Episode blurb write ups
  • Listening to interviews and Solo Praxis segments to help catch what trigger warnings we need to add
  • Researching organizations we could invite to be on the show
  • Emailing, tweeting, and otherwise connecting with potential guests and asking them to be interviewed
  • Starting up and running social media pages other than Twitter (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc)

Feedback and Word of Mouth

Helping to increase the number of Frontline Praxis listeners is always appreciated as well as letting us know how we are doing. Here are some ways to help:

  • Tell your friends about us! Share us on social media, message or tag your friends, or discuss the podcast in person
  • Leave us a review on iTunes
  • Email us about things we can improve or things we do well on the show
  • Host a listening and discussion party with your friends
  • Let organizations know that you think they would do great in an interview on Frontline Praxis

If you would like to assist with any of these, or you have a different skill you think you could lend to the podcast, you can always email us directly at, drop us a line on our Contact page form, or tweet at us @ FrontlinePraxis on Twitter.

Thank you so much for listening, and for all of your support!