Burgerville Workers Union with Emmett and Nate

Strength Through Community

Frontline Praxis Episode 6

Eden and William talk with Emmett and Nate from the Burgerville Workers Union, a fast food workers union in the Pacific Northwest which was the first nationally recognized fast food union in decades. We discuss the values and principles of the organization, mutual aid among the workers, battling burnout, and addressing accountability.

In this episode’s Solo Praxis segment, Eden talks about the importance of helping others financially when we’re able, without centering ourselves or our expectations.

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Food Not Bombs with co-founder Keith McHenry – Part II

Compassion Needs No Permit

Frontline Praxis Episode 5 – Food Not Bombs Part II

This is Part 2 of our interview with Keith McHenry, the co-founder of Food Not Bombs. In this episode, Eden and William discuss in-depth the “7 Steps to Starting a Food Not Bombs Chapter” as outlined by Keith on www.foodnotbombs.net. We also discuss what to do when faced with certain obstacles, including state repression. Since this entire episode is focused on how to start a FNB Chapter, rather than featuring a Solo Praxis segment, William dives into some of the hard numbers and statistics regarding global hunger and the manufactured scarcity of food.

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Food Not Bombs with co-founder Keith McHenry – Part I

Feeding A Revolution

Frontline Praxis Episode 4 – Food Not Bombs Part I

William and Eden sit down with Keith McHenry, one of the co-founders of Food Not Bombs. Keith shares the history, vision, principles, and challenges of organizing Food Not Bombs, which will be celebrating it’s 39th anniversary on May 24th, 2019.

Because Keith had so much information to share, and so many insights and anecdotes, this episode is a little longer than most. There was so much to talk about that we had to break it up into two episodes! The next episode will focus in detail on the seven steps to starting a Food Not Bombs chapter in your area as described on the Food Not Bombs website. As such, we decided not to include a Solo Praxis segment in this episode out of respect for our listeners’ time.

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Outro music – Guru “Feed The Hungry”

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F.L.O.W.E.R. United

Antifascist Street Action and Organizing

Frontline Praxis Episode 3 – F.L.O.W.E.R. United

Eden and William speak with Earthworm from F.L.O.W.E.R. United, a coalition of anti-racist activists and organizations, about the recent demonstration against the KKK and other white supremacists at Stone Mountain in Georgia, and about antifascist street action and organizing in general.

This episode’s Solo Praxis segments talks about safely removing, covering, or replacing fascist propaganda in your community.

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Philadelphia Community Bail Fund


Frontline Praxis Episode 2 – Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

In this episode, Eden and William are joined by Bethany and Nasir from the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund to talk about the problems caused by the cash bail system and the advocacy of the Philly Bail Fund towards abolition of that system. They share some of the stories and lessons they have learned through their work, and we dig into the details of navigating the legal system while also disrupting it to draw attention to the inequity of the so-called US Justice System.

The Philly Bail Fund is currently running a #FreeBlackMamas Mother’s Day Bail Out campaign, and we urge everyone who can spare it to donate to this organization. You can find all of the information at the website linked above.

This week’s Solo Praxis segment focuses on identifying personal abilities and limitations with regards to organizing and direct action, and setting personal boundaries to avoid burnout.

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Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Solidarity not Charity

Frontline Praxis Episode 1 – Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

In this episode, Eden and William speak with Dezeray from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, an organization that takes a “radical approach to disaster relief and to social movement organizing”. We spoke about some of the obstacles that MAD Relief has to navigate in responding to natural disasters and climate catastrophes, how their organization functions with regards to the State, and how organizing at this level today will help in the coming years as climate change worsens and more and more people fall victim to cracks in the State’s response to the increasingly severe climate events.

This episode’s Solo Praxis segment focuses on identifying personal skill sets useful to organizing so that we know just what we have to offer to a collective effort and movement as unique individuals.

We also decided, beginning with this episode, to add in some light background music following some feedback from a comrade who sometimes struggles with auditory processing. They listened to a promo reel that we put together to send to potential interviewees, and they loved it despite the fact that they have struggled listening to podcasts in the past. They said that “the low level music in the background helped them so much in focusing on it and staying engaged, that as an autistic person they do not listen to many podcasts because they often cannot focus on just voices without additional noise”. We realized that this is quite possibly an issue for many folks. Because we want to make Frontline Praxis accessible to as many people as possible, we decided to include some light and (hopefully) unobtrusive background ambience so as to help people like Eden’s comrade without making it too distracting for folks who don’t struggle with auditory processing.

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“…our response has to be equal or stronger than the State’s response, because the State is interested solely, only, in coming in, defending commodity and defending capital, while wealthy businesspeople and wealthy neighborhoods are cleared out and make it safety, military bodies move in to defend those spaces.”

– Dezeray

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