We want Frontline Praxis to be a platform for lifting up the voices of struggling communities by highlighting the efforts of people and organizations that are on the ground doing the work to empower those communities. We also want to help raise awareness about the struggles that so many people face, and the oppressed and marginalized communities that many times go unnoticed without attention being directed to them.

So, we invite all of you to answer a question – Is there a person, group, or organization that you think needs to be amplified? How about a social problem that you would like to know more about how you can start organizing mutual aid efforts to? Drop us a line here, email us directly at, or you can shoot us a message on Twitter or on Facebook.

Also, as human beings limited by our own perspectives, conditions, and experiences, we know that sometimes we will slip up or get something wrong. We want to be as open and transparent about these things as possible, and we invite any constructive critiques that you might have to offer us, so that we can correct ourselves and move forward with a better understanding of the issues that we talk about on Frontline Praxis. So, feel free to let us know when we are speaking out of our lane or get things wrong. We are listening.

We also like positive messages that say nice things about us and make us feel warm and fuzzy, so if you like what we are doing, we’d really like to hear that too!

Love and Solidarity,

Eden and William.