Callisto Collective

Frontline Praxis Episode 12

Conflict Resolution For Folks Who Do Anti-State Organizing

For this episode, we’re presenting audio from a workshop led by the Callisto Collective, which is a local collective “addressing conflict, abuse, assault and everything in between” by utilizing autonomous models of resolution, especially in closer knit communities of affinity. This workshop is called Conflict Resolution for folks who do Anti State Organizing. It was originally aired by The Final Straw Radio.

In this workshop, they talk about many things, including anarchist critiques of Non-Violent Communication, which is a developed process in use mostly by leftist organizers, possible tools for dealing with conflict, and also some discussions on yogurt (stay tuned…). This workshop was originally presented at the 2018 Asheville Anarchist Bookfair.

If you would like to write with the Callisto Collective, you can email them at!

This was an extremely interactive workshop, and to protect the anonymity of participants, some of the material had to be cut out. This sometimes makes the audio a bit disjointed to listen to, but we hope you’ll enjoy it all the same.

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Author: Frontline Praxis

A podcast focusing on leftist organizing and direct action, with your hosts Eden and William.

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