TANC (Tenant And Neighborhood Councils)

Frontline Praxis Episode 9

Make Landlords Scared Again

In this episode, Eden and William sit down with Rane and Nick from TANC (Tenant And Neighborhood Councils) to talk about organizing with neighbors and communities against the exploitation and otherwise shady practices of landlords.

This episode’s Solo Praxis segment talks about different ways that an isolated leftist can potentially unearth some comrades close by safely.

Follow TANC on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TANCBay

TANC on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baytanc/

TANC on the web: https://baytanc.com/

TANC email: tenantorganizingeastbay@gmail.com

TANC phone number: (510) 671-5747

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Author: Frontline Praxis

A podcast focusing on leftist organizing and direct action, with your hosts Eden and William.

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