Food Not Bombs with co-founder Keith McHenry – Part I

Feeding A Revolution

Frontline Praxis Episode 4 – Food Not Bombs Part I

William and Eden sit down with Keith McHenry, one of the co-founders of Food Not Bombs. Keith shares the history, vision, principles, and challenges of organizing Food Not Bombs, which will be celebrating it’s 39th anniversary on May 24th, 2019.

Because Keith had so much information to share, and so many insights and anecdotes, this episode is a little longer than most. There was so much to talk about that we had to break it up into two episodes! The next episode will focus in detail on the seven steps to starting a Food Not Bombs chapter in your area as described on the Food Not Bombs website. As such, we decided not to include a Solo Praxis segment in this episode out of respect for our listeners’ time.

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Outro music – Guru “Feed The Hungry”

Full transcript forthcoming.

Author: Frontline Praxis

A podcast focusing on leftist organizing and direct action, with your hosts Eden and William.

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