Callisto Collective

Frontline Praxis Episode 12

Conflict Resolution For Folks Who Do Anti-State Organizing

For this episode, we’re presenting audio from a workshop led by the Callisto Collective, which is a local collective “addressing conflict, abuse, assault and everything in between” by utilizing autonomous models of resolution, especially in closer knit communities of affinity. This workshop is called Conflict Resolution for folks who do Anti State Organizing. It was originally aired by The Final Straw Radio.

In this workshop, they talk about many things, including anarchist critiques of Non-Violent Communication, which is a developed process in use mostly by leftist organizers, possible tools for dealing with conflict, and also some discussions on yogurt (stay tuned…). This workshop was originally presented at the 2018 Asheville Anarchist Bookfair.

If you would like to write with the Callisto Collective, you can email them at!

This was an extremely interactive workshop, and to protect the anonymity of participants, some of the material had to be cut out. This sometimes makes the audio a bit disjointed to listen to, but we hope you’ll enjoy it all the same.

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Comrade In The Machine

Frontline Praxis Episode 11

Life as a Leftist in the Military

In a slight departure from the show’s usual format, William sits down with “Condey”, a leftist who was radicalized while enlisted in the military. Topics include reconciling leftist principles in the imperialist machine, subversive radicalization of other enlistees, and how life in the military can highlight the inherent contradictions of capitalism, among many more.

This episode’s Solo Praxis segment focuses on disability justice and the importance of advocating for accessibility in every aspect of our daily lives.

Our guest is still in the process of getting out of the military and asked that we keep his identity anonymous to avoid any problems, however he did provide his Twitter username. You can find him at

Condey also voiced an important message towards the end of the conversation, imploring any active military, veterans, family member, or other loved one who is struggling with PTSD or any effects of psychological or emotional trauma from military life to please seek help. The help line in the US for veterans and active military in a mental health crisis is 1-800-273-8255, and in Canada is 1-800-268-7708.

For more information and perspectives on leftism from a military perspective, we highly recommend the Eyes Left podcast, or

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Socialist Rifle Association

Frontline Praxis Episode 10

Community Defense and Solidarity

In this episode, Eden talks with Faye, vice-president of the Socialist Rifle Association and host of the SRA podcast, about the importance of proper training in firearm safety and use, and how to organize a new SRA chapter or find a local chapter to join.

This episode’s Solo Praxis segment focuses on how to be a better ally and to better understand the systems of oppression that affect marginalized groups.

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TANC (Tenant And Neighborhood Councils)

Frontline Praxis Episode 9

Make Landlords Scared Again

In this episode, Eden and William sit down with Rane and Nick from TANC (Tenant And Neighborhood Councils) to talk about organizing with neighbors and communities against the exploitation and otherwise shady practices of landlords.

This episode’s Solo Praxis segment talks about different ways that an isolated leftist can potentially unearth some comrades close by safely.

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Lessons Learned

Frontline Praxis Episode 8

Finding The Revolutionary Spirit

In this episode, rather than featuring an interview, Eden and William sit down and talk to each other about some of the things they’ve learned while doing Frontline Praxis. We discuss community building, engaging in praxis without centering ourselves, disrupting the systems of oppression, and finding the fire within to keep pushing for a better world.

The Solo Praxis segment focuses on things we can do as individuals that aren’t necessarily financial in order to help support folks who need it.

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Full transcript available soon.

Sabotage in 1930s Germany

Frontline Praxis – Episode 7

History Repeats Itself

This episode is an interim episode, where Eden and William announce a switch to the release schedule of Frontline Praxis. Due to schedule conflicts, episodes will now be released on the alternate weeks, starting next week. This shorter episode is to tide listeners over until then.

Eden reads from a Twitter thread which takes a look at some of the covert sabotage efforts of German resistance against the rising Nazi regime in the 1930s. Afterwards, William points out the relevance and necessity of such actions in our modern times.

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Full transcript available soon.

Skills Zine

We have an exciting addition to our website! The folks with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief were so impressed with the Solo Praxis segment of our episode with them that they worked with us to create a printable zine of the information. MADR will be adding this to their tabling materials and it is available in their resource section of their website.

You can print this off and distribute it too!

Click here for the pdf link or share this post for online sharing.

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